"Wa" means Japanese and "Shi" means paper.  Paper has long been the medium for the expression of ART. WASHI jeans use denim, as an alternative form of paper, to produce a piece of ART through washing and hand finishing. 
WASHI jeans are the medium for individual expression, creation, and innovation. 

All WASHI jeans are made in Japan, exclusively. 
Everyone in the denim industry acknowledges that the best washes and hand finishes come out of Japan. It is possible to do things there which laundries and developers in other countries can only dream of achieving. 

Hiro, WASHI jeans' founder, treats the process of developing the finished jeans as an artist would in creating a unique piece of work. A detailed and painstaking process undertaken with the help and guidance of a team of artisan workers in the laundry in Japan. 
WASHI jeans are made in extremely limited quantities to further enhance the rarity and exclusivity of the finished articles. No more than fifty pieces of each fit and wash will be made at one time. One jean can undergo more than twenty different processes and take over two months from finished sewing to the end of the washing and hand treatments. This is what Hiro loves to do. Labouring at the rock face, carving away, working and re-working until the jean is finished and can be viewed as a piece of art.

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