Assenza giustificata

The past few days I was away from work (??!!) to spend some time in the Philippines.
I flew from Hong Kong to Cebu with a very cheap flight (Airphil Express). I spent one night in Cebu Guesthouse, an hostel quite close by the airport as I arrived late at night. The morning after I went to Moalboal, on the other side of the island, but completely worth the 2 and half hour drive.

I stayed at Il Sogno, an amazing place owned by Franco, an Italian who lives in the Philippines for ore than 20 years. The room was bigger than any other room I have ever owned and the view was simply breathtaking!

I had the time (what a luxury that has been!) to re discover nature and the power of sleep, as well as how beautiful and truly relaxing is to travel alone.

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