Christmas and New Year vs. Fashion Week

To be honest I am not much of a Christmas person. Don't get me wrong, I love to spend time with my family back in Italy, and Christmas gives a special aura that warms up the hart. However I am not a fan of all the Christmas decorations an shopping madness, especially the present wrapping part. In fact I really can't stand it, the music drives me crazy and makes me nauseous.

New Years is even worse, the general forced happiness feeling in the air really makes me want to put my head under water. My preferred method of celebrating New Year is: sleep right through it. The best. Although most of the time I am forced in some party/dinner/fireworks of some sort, which ALWAYS ends up in me suffering through it with a tight smile on my face.

However after all of those painful days, finally comes the reward: Fashion Week season!!! Alleluia!
This year will be different as I am in Hong Kong. Exciting!
I have, anyways, I really cool party to share, be sure to go there if you live in Italy (or if you are just passing by!)

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