Italian Craftsmanship

I might not live in Italy for several reasons, however I am certainly Italian at heart. I love many things about my Country, but I am not going to discuss them now.
The one aspect of Italy that is part of my style and taste is definitely quality. It is more and more hard to find and the recent collaboration of H&M with Italian names have been a slap in the face in matters of quality in general. Now that I work in Hong Kong I am surprised to have found great places and brands that provide amazing quality clothes and accessories at reasonable prices. I am saying reasonable because if I had found it for cheap then I am sorry, but it is probably not the quality that I mean. I want good fabrics, rich and durable, I want original cuts, flattering to the woman's figure and I want attention to details such as stitching and finishings. Is that such an obnoxious request? Back in the days when items were tailor made (because that was the only way to do it), it was regular practice to make garments and accessories that would fit the description above. I guess that is why I love vintage so much...

Newsletter I made for OPERA OPERA, pictures from tumblr and my own

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