The Reason Why

I was never the person to write very personal facts about myself on my blog. I liked to think about it as a digital visual diary of inspirational pictures, articles, etc. I have been studying and working in fashion for years now, and I have finally found the job I truly enjoy and passionately like.

OPERA OPERA is a vintage boutique in Hong Kong which also promotes new designers that pay extra attention to quality of materials and details; most of them sell in Hong Kong exclusively thanks to OPERA OPERA. I fell in love with this amazing, theatrical, "creative hub" boutique back in February when I was living in Hong Kong. I am now so excited to be back and to be part of the OPERA OPERA Family!

The store recalls its Italian roots thanks to the expert touch of Danilo Ceri, co-owner from Florence. XueYing Guan is his Chinese partner and the vintage buyer of exceptional taste for those rare pieces that never go out of style. She gave life to the store in such a short time and she takes her role of Executive Director with great energy and passion. Everyone who works or stop by can feel the welcoming freedom of a place that truly lets you express yourself.

I have decided to post daily pictures of my working uniform at OPERA OPERA. I think it could be interesting to see different vintage pieces worn on a daily basis. I do it because I enjoy it and I hope you will do too :-)
Perhaps this blog is going to become personal after all....


  1. approvo questa idea!!!

    ps. è veramente figo!!!


  2. Beatrice its so good to see that your doing so amazingly.
    Congratulations on the job and you are looking wonderful in all of your work outfits


    1. Ow! Thank you so much!
      You too look so great! I always love your hair :-))