Ok, now, here is how a simple text message can totally turn your day from ugly to shining!
I was supposed to work tonight, so I was already in a grumpy stage the whole day because I knew I had to go out in the cold, bike until my work place, etc etc...BUT I got the greatest text message ever saying that, nope, they didn't need me tonight!!
I can finally relax and I have the whole evening to do all my stuff, isn't it great?!?!?
To congratulate myself (for what exactly is not the point) I bought two stunning bracelets from HRH Collection. The owner and creator is a lovely girl who also makes really good videos on YouTube ( one of my many addictions...)
Here are my new entries
 Layering chain bracelet
Layering chain bracelet+La Lumiere bracelet

I love them already, I hope they will arrive soon!!!

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  1. hi love! im so glad you love your pieces!!! xoxo