Runway Passport

If you still don't know about it, Runway Passport is a great insite in the fashion world, the official wesite is finally online at and I am featured in the contributors!!
If you register you can win a pair of designers sunglasses, don't miss the chance!


  1. Ciao Beatrice,
    notizia interessante ed il prodotto è molto bello.
    Domani pubblicherò uno shooting che ho fatto oggi per un redazionale, fotografo d'eccezione la top model Catrinel Menghia.
    spero di rivederti sul mio blog
    Nicola FreshONpr

  2. Hello! I would like to make you some questions! I've found you blog from this web: and I've seen you're studying at AMFI! I'm thinking about studying there some day fashion and branding and I just would like to know some things about life in Amsterdam... if it's not a problem, could you give me few advices or, for example, tell me about how is the Institute? I'm Spanish (I do not speak Dutch) and I don't know nobody studying there so... I'm searching for information! My e-mail is: Sorry if you've wasted your time reading this, but I'd be so thankful if you answer. Thanks and hope your having a great time in Netherlands! xxx