Sometimes you feel you let down yourself in are not inspired and not motivated...
I hate those days because I always feel guilty to have such a beautiful life compared to others, and I'm still unable to make the best out of it!
So I hope no one feels the same , but if you ever do I found something that is really helpful:

Things I want you to do today:
Tell yourself...
"I am beautiful"
"I was born with incredible talent"
"I am going to do great things in this life I've been given"
"I am going to go after my dreams, because God gave them to me for a reason"
"There is only one person like me in the world, and I am awesome!"
"I love my body, and I'm going to take care of it and feed it healthy food"
"It doesn't matter what people say"
"I am loved"
"My thoughts, style, and personality, are special, unique, and I'm not changing to be like anybody else"
"I will stop telling myself I CAN'T.....and only tell myself, I CAN, and I WILL"
......I will go after my dreams
......I will dress in clothes that make me happy, no matter what anyone else thinks! I will choose to love myself, and do something to make me happy today... I will take some time to think about my dreams, my future, and day-dream about what my "dream" life would I know what I need to go after!

When you visualize something..the style clothes you want to wear, the career you want to have, the home you want to live in...the person you want to be....
it gives you a target or goal...then you just need to build the road to get there!
You build the road by your choices...
decide to buy a book or magazine, or research online about the dream career you want...
Make small steps to build the road to your dreams, by making one small choice...
decide to look into schools, design a business card for yourself, start learning on-line...start just with thinking about it and encouraging yourself!

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter won't mind."

Today be the you that dances in your heart...
the you that says funny things in your head, but doesn't say them because you think someone will think it's dumb.....they won't...those are the things that make people fall in love with you!

Be the you, that dresses how you want...because you like it and it makes you feel confident and like the real you!

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